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This year’s Relentless Energy Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station in London was the biggest – and, it’s widely agreed, the best – yet, with over 18,000 people passing through the gates on Saturday alone, and some truly world-class snowboarding, skiing and music throughout.


Le Maitre were on-hand to light up the skies, firing Red Mines and Crackle Mines as skiers and snowboarders sped down the slope.

As the first of five skiers left the starting gate Crackle Mines lit up the dark sky, and as the fifth and final skier descended the ramp a pair of Red Mines ignited.

A final pair of towers were situated at the foot of the ramp, either side of the Kicker and as the skier took off from the Kicker and hit their highest point in the air, Red Mines and Crackle Mines were fired with spectacular effect.