Download - A Day to Remember

Le Maitre Events was at Download Festival at the weekend, firing pyrotechnics, flames and effects for Sum 41 and A Day To Remember.

On Friday night Sum 41 took to the Zippo Encore stage. The Canadian veterans, who have been a band for 21 years, combined Queen covers with their classics, finishing with Fat Lip, which was enhanced with 6 of our CO2 Jets.

The Saturday night saw A Day To Remember take to the Main Stage, bringing a party atmosphere to the Donington crowd. Along with a crowd surfing frenzy and a t-shirt canon their set was lit up with masses of pyro including 30′ Mines, Stage Gerbs, Comets with tail, Tracer Comets with tail, Mortar Hits, Flash Reports, Giant Fireballs  and Flashpots. 6 Salamander Quad Pros heated the stage during 2nd Sucks, and the staging also included low smoke from 4 Freezefog Pros.