Dragons Flames

Dragons Flames

The 9th of August saw the premiere of sci-fi film The Chronicles of Riddick at the Vue West End cinema in London’s Leicester Square. The movie by writer/director David Twohy is the sequel to the cult Pitch Black and stars action hero Vin Diesel.

Special Effects and Pyrotechnics Manufacturers Le Maitre’s Tim Haddon set up four Dragon heads on the canopy above the cinema’s entrance to wow the crowds whilst they waited for the stars of the movie to arrive.

The Dragons were fired in variations of chases and pulses to create stunning shots of fire into the sky for almost 2 hours.


The Nation’s Favourite Prom was screened on BBC 1 on Sunday night.


Theatrical Flash

Theatrical Flash

Le Maitre provided the special effects and pyrotechnics for the Halle Orchestra’s performance of Tschaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, conducted by Mark Elder.

Le Maitre’s Tim Haddon used 16 x Giant Theatrical Flashes and 16 x Medium Concussions to simulate the firing of the cannons. This was followed by 10 x 12 Stage Gerbs for the final 10 seconds of the piece.

The Halle orchestra’s performance was hugely powerful and the effects thrilled a packed Royal Albert Hall. Tim used the Pyrodigital system for the absolutely precise timing necessary, and Mark Elder was reported to be exceptionally pleased with the combination of the pyro with the music, and its accuracy.


Le Maitre’s exclusive contract for Usher’s Truth Tour meant two full time pyrotechnicians on the road and an exhausting amount of work to create a spectaular show.

The tour covered 19 shows in 25 days throughout Europe and the UK.


Cryojets at Thunderbirds

Cryojets at Thunderbirds

Le Maitre’s new Cryo Jets were put to the test at the premiere of the new Thunderbirds movie at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square.

Le Maitre’s pyrotechnicians used 6 Cryo Jets and a barrage of Line Rockets to escort the celebrity guests up the red carpet and into the cinema, creating a spectacular effect.

32 of the Prostage II 3 second Line Rockets were used, running on 190 ft lines across the front of the Empire. They were fired in volleys of 8 and 4 at 10 minute intervals, using the Pyrodigital system. The doors of the premiere opened at 1.00pm and the guests were inside for 2.00pm, giving the pyrotechnicians an hour to shoot blasts from the Cryo Jets as they made their way down the red carpet.

Clients UIP were thrilled with effects and the celebrity guests were certainly impressed!

If you want to know more about the Cryo Jets you can contact our Events team on 020 8646 2222




Usher will be touring in Europe again in June and Le Maitre are exclusively supplying the pyrotechnics and special effects.

Following the success of the effects on Usher’s Evolution 8701 Tour, Le Maitre were asked to come back for the next tour.

The new shows will feature some of Le Maitre’s newest products, such as the new Arena Flashes which will open each performance.

Look out for the new Cryo Jet system and the much anticipated Le Maitre Stadium Hazer is set to work with the laser show. The tour will also be using low lying fog in the shape of the LSG’s, and the Venturi confetti blowers.

Watch this space for further info, or if you want to know more you can contact our EVENTS department.


The Princes’ Trust held its Urban Music Festival at Earl’s Court on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May. The sold out event was the UK’s biggest celebration of urban music featuring some of the biggest acts from the UK and USA.

Le Maitre were called in to provide the special effects for 2 of the biggest stars of the event; Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z.

Beyonce played on the Saturday and her performance featured the Dragons with flames to a height of 40ft and explosions of chinese confetti.

Jay Z headlined the festival on both days with a spectacular pyrotechnic show.

Effects included some of the newest and biggest Prostage II effects such as Green Starbursts, 20 x 20 Silver Cascade Waterfalls and Arena Flashes.

The show also featured 30ft Comets, Large Flame Projectors, Red Crackle Mines, Airbursts and Gerbs. A screaming crowd greeted each pyro hit with enthusiasm and really gave Jay Z’s show the impact it deserved.


Britney Onyx Tour

Britney Onyx Tour

Special effects and pyrotechnics specialists Le Maitre have completed the UK leg of the Britney Spears ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ and beginning the rest of Europe. The effects on the tour are designed by Doug Adams from Pyrotek Special Effects, and Le Maitre are providing the logistics and cover. The UK shows were at Wembley, Glasgow SECC, Manchester MEN Arena and Birmingham, and then over to Dublin.

Le Maitre had a full time technician on the tour, along with Pyrotek’s full time crew, responsible for the effects on every show.

The show is a theatrical extravangza where special effects are used throughout for maximum impact.

The performance opens with Britney’s latest single “Toxic” and a stunning explosion of flame and smoke created by the propane gas Dragons and Le Maitre’s LSG Low Smoke Generators.

They are used throughout as well as glitter and confetti fired from CO2 cannons.
The show culminates with an encore of “Me Against the Music” and another explosion of huge flames from the Dragons accompanied by the LSG’s.


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Pyrotechnics and Special Effects specialists Le Maitre have confirmed that they are working with Pyrotek Special Effects on Paul McCartney’s long awaited tour which begins in Spain at the end of May. You will be able to catch him in the UK at Glastonbury this year.

McCartney is currently in rehearsal at the Millenium Dome for the European tour that is his first in nearly 10 years.

Doug Adams from Pyrotek Special Effects has designed a pyrotechnic set guaranteed to create an electric atmosphere.

It will feature some of the largest effects available including Mines, Comets and Flame Projectors, and some of the loudest effects available such as Concussions and Stadium Flash Reports.


Le Maitre’s head pyrotechnician spent his New Year’s Eve in a freezing old steel mill in Sheffield to start 2004 with a bang for thousands of clubbers.

The Magna Centre is a new £50 million event centre near Sheffield providing a spectacular background for massive club nights.

The Tidy Magna NYE event ran to 6am and featured special effects for top acts such as Lab 4 and Lisa Lashes.

Le Maitre pyrotechnics used included Concussions, Stage Mines of all colours and sizes, 10×12 and 1×25 Stage Gerbs, Giant Goldstar and Arena Flashes.

The venue was also filled with white Chinese Confetti fired from 2 Venturi blowers and 8 x CO2 Cannons fired streamers, glitter and confetti.


Beyonce at Wembley

Beyonce at Wembley

Beyonce plays 2 nights at London’s Wembley Arena on the 10th and 11th November.

Two of Le Maitre’s LSG’s (Low Smoke Generators) with G300 smoke machines are being used for a superb dry ice effect, whilst cryo jets and confetti blowers will be both on stage and on the mixing desk.