Nightwish Decades Tour

Le Maitre products lit up the recent Nightwish Decades European tour.

The Nightwish Decades World Tour hit Europe late last year, with almost 30 shows across 16 countries. The Finnish metal band has been performing for over 20 years. The tour arrived in the UK in December, with shows in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Le Maitre products included 15’, 20’ and 25’ Multishot Virtually Smokeless Red and Blue Falling Stars. Le Maitre Multishot products are ten of the same effect fired from a single board with one integral ignitor. They are fired one after another over ten seconds.

Also lighting up the stage were our 1 x 25 and 1 x 35 Stage Gerbs and 25’ White Tracer Comets with Tails. Our 23mm White Flashpots with Report added flashes and bangs.