Stage Pyrotechnics

Everyone loves fireworks and pyrotechnics. The noise, the colour, the ‘ooh’ factor. Why not bring that feeling to your audiences?

While fireworks are mostly for outdoor use, stage pyrotechnics are perfect for use on stage. Manufactured to stringent standards with accurate and consistent height, direction and intensity, they are designed to thrill and entertain and can make any event look spectacular.

Le Maitre has been manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and special effects in the UK for more than 40 years. Whether you’re looking for a flash and a burst of smoke to welcome Aladdin to the stage, confetti or streamer cartridges to shower over a final song, or large-scale pyro to fire from an arena stage, the options are seemingly limitless.

Set your stages alight with mines, gerbs, flashes, flames, theatrical flashes and more. With panto season on the horizon, theatrical pyrotechnics come into their own. However, they are used year-round to add sparkle and produce atmosphere on stages across the world. From the West End and Broadway to local theatres, schools, colleges and art centres, performances are being enhanced with special effects.

If it’s lighting enhancement you’re after, then haze is what you need. Haze machines produce very fine, dry, consistent particles that hang in the air for long periods of time. Le Maitre’s PureHaze fluid is sugar and water-based, with 90% active ingredient. It is extremely cost-effective and safe to use on live stage performances. In fact, some artists stipulate that it is the only haze fluid they will allow.

If it’s a denser fog you’re after, then you need a smoke machine. Smoke machines come in many different guises and Le Maitre manufactures machines from hand-held options that produce short bursts of smoke, up to rugged, versatile machines that produce high outputs of dense, white smoke that hangs in the air for a long time.

If it’s a low-smoke effect you want, then look no further than Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro. Low-smoke fluid is pumped from a smoke machine into the Freezefog where it combines with CO2 from a remote cylinder. The effect is long-lasting and residue-free, remaining low lying and very cold. This is perfect for stages, studios, dance floors, clubs and more.

Flame effects can add heat or drama to your production or event. Flambeaux are real torches with real fire. They burn for several hours and are perfect for lining a red carpet or framing a grand entrance. Non-propane flame options include the Salamander and Salamander Quad Pro flame machines. These canister-based units can produce 30 seconds of continuous flame or up to 120 flame bursts, with flames available in natural, red or green. If your venue doesn’t allow real gas, a fake flame can safely give you the effect you’re after, using haze fluid to project coloured lights onto a swirling screen of vapour.

Whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create for your next production – sparkling, exhilarating, romantic, dramatic, spooky, misty, the list goes on – Le Maitre Events can assist you in choosing the right products to create the right effects.

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