Low Smoke Eurovision

Whether you’re working on a concert tour, a stage show, a film, a TV production or at a theme park, there is a wide range of haze, smoke and low fog machines that can help enhance your event, production or installation.

We can produce every type of smoke and haze effect with Le Maitre’s own range of machines, which are all manufactured here in the UK.

Haze is the ideal choice if you’re looking to enhance the lighting. When used with Le Maitre’s PureHaze fluid, haze machines produce very fine, very dry, very consistent particles which hang in the air for long periods of time. Extremely cost-effective, Le Maitre’s PureHaze fluid is sugar and water-based, with 90% active ingredient. It is extremely safe to use on live stage performances, with some artists stipulating it as the only haze fluid they will allow.

Smoke machines come in many different guises. Le Maitre’s machines include hand-held options that produce short bursts of smoke, up to rugged, versatile machines that produce extremely high outputs of dense, white smoke that hang in the air for a long time. Smoke machines are perfect for recreating smoke scenes in TV and film studios, on stage and in theatres, attractions, theme parks and cruise ships.

If it’s a low smoke effect you’re after, look no further than Le Maitre’s Freezefog Pro. Low fog fluid is pumped from a smoke machine into the Freezefog where it combines with CO2 from a remote cylinder. The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. It is the system of choice on stages and dance floors, in showrooms, TV studios, clubs and parks.

Whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create for your next event or production – romantic, dramatic, spooky, misty, the list goes on – Le Maitre Events can assist you in choosing the right products to create the right effects and make your event stand out.