Le Maitre Hire Department

Wanting to add something special to your Events?

Our Hire Department holds an extensive range of items including haze, smoke, dry ice, low fog, flames, snow, confetti, streamers, glitter and more.

Whether you’ve got a one-off event or a long running tour, production or installation, we’ll have the perfect effect to enhance it. Fake snow can create a wintry backdrop. Flames can add heat and drama. Glitter and confetti can add sparkle to celebrations, while smoke and haze can create all sorts of effects, from lighting enhancement to creating an atmospheric mood.

Whatever your needs, our Hire department will have something to suit your requirements.

Hire periods run from as little as 24 hours, up to as long as you need.

View our full range of products available for hire or for further information or for expert advice give us a call on 020 8646 2222.