100: A Tribute to Dame Vera Lynn

On Saturday night stars of stage and screen came together to perform in a variety extravaganza at The London Palladium, to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn.

Le Maitre’s very own Maxine Wilson was one of the performers, dancing with the Dougie Squires’ Generation Dancers. Maxine joined the dance troupe on leaving the Italia Conti Stage School and went on to perform with them for a number of shows for the BBC. In 2016 the Generation Dancers resumed their dance classes, and Saturday saw them perform together once again in the presence of the Queen.

Second Generation Dancers

The Second Generation Dancers at The London Palladium

Le Maitre Events was on hand on Saturday, showering the performers with red, white and blue Chinese Confetti Airbursts and Glitter Bursts as they all came together to sing Happy Birthday.

The sold-out event was raising vital funds for The Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity.