At Le Maitre we have a wide selection of flame effects to suit your event. From theatres to stadiums, music videos to theme parks, film premieres to nightclubs, we can provide every type of flame effect.

Flambeaux for Fantastic Beasts Film Premiere

Our flambeaux are torches with real fire. The 2-3ft flames can burn for several hours and are perfect for lining a red carpet or framing a grand entrance.

Iron Maiden Pyrotechnics

Salamander Quad Pros for Iron Maiden

Our non-propane flame range includes the Salamander and Salamander Quad Pro flame machines. These canister-based units produce flames that can reach from 3.5m to 7.5m high. Each canister can produce 30 seconds of continuous flame or up to 120 flame bursts. Chases are lightning fast and visually stunning with flames available in natural, red or green so you can pick the best colour to fit with your needs.

Fake Flame used on stage

If you’re after a flame effect but can’t use real gas, then our Fake Flame can safely give you the effect you’re after. It uses haze fluid, projecting coloured lights onto a swirling screen of vapour. Highly cost-effective and extremely safe, it is ideal for use in theatres, theme parks, nightclubs and static installations.

Find out more about our full range of flame effects and how they can add heat and intensity to your events.